Thursday, September 29, 2011

'The Secret Circle' is no secret to us.

Two weeks ago CW released the pilot for a new show called 'The Secret Circle.' Within the first twenty minutes of the show, I knew I was going to love this series until the very end. Which may very well be in a few years, if the ratings stay as high and as positive as they are.
The Secret Circle follows a young group of people who have discovered the so called "coincidence" that one of each of their parents is dead, that parent was actually in a "circle" of six witches. These 6 people are now in their on circle with lots of questions, and no one to give them answers. It's much more than that though.

The show promises to bring lots of magic, mystery, jealousy, and some characters you though were on the good side, turn out out bad, and vice versa.

I stongly encourage you to watch the show with me, Thursdays on the CW at 9:00 PM EST

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P.S. My favorite character?? Faye! DUH! Pheobe Tonkin is an amazing actress that portrays Faye Chamberline so well! Plus she's the bad ass chick! Who doesn't love that? Here's a video from one of my favorite Faye scenes:

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