Thursday, November 3, 2011

EXCLUSIVE Q&A with actress Danielle Chucran! - Part 1

I have a really cool post for you guys today! I have an interview from the one, the only, Danielle Chuchran! Odds are, you've seen some of her work and you haven't even noticed. I'm betting you have seen the 2003 version of 'Dr. Suess's Cat in the Hat' with Mike Myers? Danielle plays the well known 'Thing 1!' she has also worked in many of MainstayPro's short and feature length films. Some of the short films inspired by 'The Hunger Games' include "Katniss and Rue" , "HUNGER GAMES: Second Quarter Quell" , and "Katniss and Peeta Cave Scene" 

The most popular one being "Katniss and Rue," landed Danielle an audition for Katniss Everdeen in the official movie! 

Most times I don't pick sides, but to be honest, Danielle was my choice Katniss when all the casting rumors and polls were floating around. Unfortunately, the odds were not in Danielle's favor, and the role was snagged to the amazingly powerful Oscar Nominated actress  Jennifer Lawrence. 

Here are the first 5 question's of the interview! Look out for part 2!

1. The VivaCity Blog: You're working on "Abide with Me" right now. What is that for the people who don't know?
 Danielle: It's a short film which is a period piece that touches on polygamy. 

2. TVCB: Do you see yourself working in more MainstayPro productions for a while? 
 Danielle: The guys at MainstayPro are beyond anything I've ever worked with before. They are so dedicated and the word "talented" doesn't even begin to describe them. I have enjoyed every second of working with them and would LOVE to continue working with them. 

3. TVCB: What's better? Short films like the ones with Mainstay or feature films like "Cat in the Hat?" why?
Danielle: To be honest both are very fun, but I'd have to say features are certainly a favorite of mine. Features usually last longer than a short film so there for you get to spend more time engulfed in the story than a quick shoot for a short. 

4. TVCB:  Is acting what you want to do for the rest of your life? If not, what else would you be interested in doing?
Danielle: I would absolutely love to do acting for the rest of my life. There is nothing I'd rather do than be able to show up on set and work all day filming. There are so many people in this business who do it for the "fame" and to be in the spotlight but I do it because I genuinely love what I do. I am happiest and most in my element when I am on set... or on a horse ;) 

5. TVCB:  Is John Lyde as great as everyone says? :) What's it like on the set of his shorts? 
 Danielle: haha John Lyde... is a flipping GENIUS. There is nothing that man cant do. Yes yes yes YES! he IS as great as everyone says if not greater. I have never met someone so dedicated and passionate about filmmaking. I am amazed at his creativity and natural talent for writing, directing, editing... the list just goes on, I am truly blessed to have been able to not only meet, but work with John. I have done both shorts and full length features with him and all of them have been a blast. He is very professional but makes it so much fun for everyone. There is no doubt in my mind that filmmaking is his calling in life, I cant wait to see what the future holds for him and how far he will go.... look out spielberg! :) 

There's part 1! Make sure you stay tuned for Part 2! You won't want to miss it! Trust me. Favorite this page, or Follow us on Twitter (@TheVCBlog) to see when it's out!


  1. Great ! I love Danielle and I think she shoulds go on acting too :)

    1. she tryed out for the hunger games as katniss