Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How To Make Your Own "Hunger Games" Tribute Costume for Halloween

For Halloween, do you want to dress up in a costume inspired by The Hunger Games, but are in the same problem as me; there is no characters that fit you? I believe I have solution!

Dress up like a Hunger Games tribute! It doesn't have to be a specific tribute like Cato or even Peeta, just go as a tribute in general
I'm going to show you how you can do so, while staying in budget!

*UPDATE* A HUGE sorry goes out to the lovely ladies at The Hob for not referencing them when I put links to buy these products. I didn't even think about it, I wanted to finish it so bad. I am so sorry again!

All links to buy products were found on The Hob. (<--Check them out)


What you will need
  • Simple tawny pants
  • Green shirt
  • Sturdy brown belt
  • Thin, hooded black jacket that falls down to the thighs. ("The material in the jacket is designed to reflect body heat. expect some cool nights," Cinna says.)
  • Boots
  • Fake-blood
  • Make-up to look like dirt.
  • Fake weapon of choice to carry.
1. Simple tawny pants. Don't know what tawny pants are? ... I didn't either.

They're basically just simple tan pants. (In the EW poster of Jennifer Lawrence she is wearing tan ones like these.)

These are fairly cheap, you can find them at any thrift store, and I bet you already have some in your closet. (Co check, I dare you!)

The Girl Tribute pants like these can be purchased here and the Boy Tributes pants here.

2. Green shirt. Do I need to explain? Again, you can find one anywhere.

In the book Katniss says it is a light green shirt, but I think this looks better.

Use whatever you like, it doesn't even have to be green if you don't want it to be.

You can purchase a shirts like this here for Girl Tribute and here for Boy Tribute.

3. Sturdy brown belt.
Again, it doesn't have to be perfect, or even brown. If you don't have a belt, and don't want to buy one, you could just make a strip of brown (or black) paper that fits around your waist. Tie or staple it around you.
Check out these options for Girl Tribute and Boy Tribute, but you can find a simple brown belt just about anywhere!

4. Thin black jacket. 
For this one, you can really play around. A windbreaker would be best, and they can be sort of cheap if you look around.

Katniss says it is black, and hooded, again this is Halloween, not the actual Hunger Games.

Or you might just even use a black zippered hoodie and unzip it in the front if you want the green shirt to show.

Again, optional. Then if your Halloween turns cold, you know what you do??! YOU ZIP THE HOODIE UP!

The Girl Tribute jacket like these can be found here and the Boy Tribute jacket here.

5. Boots this is probably the biggest one to play around with. Just wear sneakers if you want to. But if you ARE going all out, you'll need these. Or at least something like these. Again, do you have some brown shoes? Girls, Moccasins? Boy Tribute boots can be found here and the girl tributes here.

There you have it! Those are the nessecities to being a tribute! Read more after the break for more fun stuff to make it more realistic.

6. Fake blood. Add little cuts to your face or neck and look like you roughed it up a little bit with another tribute or mutation.

7. Fake weapon of choice.  A knife in your belt, an bow around your shoulder, you fought hard for those pickings you got from the Cornucopia, show them off!


  1. don't forget the orange backpack!

  2. Can you post the movie-look?

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