Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maximum "is a thrilling" Ride: you will take over and over again!

Story Background:
Maximum Ride is a 14 year old girl. Pretty normal actually, well, 98 % of her anyway. The other 2%? Yeah, that's bird DNA. Max and her four other siblings are 2% bird, completete with wings! They were raised in a lab, under constiant monitoring. In a dog cage. Max and the "flock" escape the lab called the "School." and are now on the semi-run from wolflike creatures called "Erasers" who want their blood.


I just recently started to read the Maxmium Ride books by #1 Best Selling Author James Patterson. Whoah. I'm on the second book: Schools Out - Forever, but I already love them. Why exactly? I have no idea.

Maybe it's the spine tingling suspense, the "not knowing", the little bit of romance that's just enough, the beathtaking details Patterson gives....

So yeah...I have no idea :D

I am a HUGE fan of James Patterson's 2-3 page chapters! The books go by fast. This is what it looks and sounds like when I'm reading it:

"Okay, right after this chapter I'll go to bed."

Fifty or so chapters later....

"Okay, this chapters almost over."

Near the end of the book.

"The book is almost over! Yay! Now I can get some sleep!"


So what did we learn. Maximum Ride is an amazing story I will keep reading until the last book is published. And you should too! Read the book(s) and come back here! Let's discuss! Follow my personal Twitter account @jake_vineyard or our blog's account: @TheVCBlog

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