How it began:
The VivaCity Blog was created in June of 2011 when a teenage guy named Jake Vineyard dived into this very diverse online Y.A. community. It all started with a little book called 'Harry Potter' about 5 years ago. Harry Potter led to Twilight, and Twilight led to other books including 'Percy Jackson,' and such, all leading up to the amazing 'The Hunger Games.' and even more others that have followed.

Set the books aside, Jake was even more excited and curious about the people talking about these wonderful books! Jake created a Twitter account in the summer of 2009, but only just realized it's full potential in the summer of 2011. His favorite book being 'The Hunger Games,' he quickly got on track with the casting and other movie news. He found a bunch of amazing sites and communicated with them through Twitter.

When he couldn't think of anything to make the fandom he just recently joined better, he discovered the 'HG Fireside Chat.'  He thought it was so interesting to hear all these dedicated people talking about this book series they all loved so much! He wanted to be a part of all this, so he considered creating a Hunger Games fan site.

But why stop at the Hunger Games? He loved all books but took a big interest in the Y.A. book genre. Why not create a site to share and discuss all these books, films, music, etc... ?

So, he decided to start a Y.A. entertainment blog. But he didn't want to do this by himself. Not because he didn't want to do the work, quite the opposite, he wanted to experience it with other people!

Jake sent out a tweet on Twitter: "Who's interested in starting a super cool Y.A. entertainment blog?" Within the next day, he got a reply from Amie Marie (@jeamiemarie) on Twitter, saying she'd love to.

So they set to it. Through many Twitter DM's and emails, they started to set up this site.

The history of the site's name:

The name: The VivaCity Blog  did not come easy. We wanted a name that was fairly easy to remember, but was creative and original. Here are some of the names we considered before choosing 'The VivaCity'

  • The "IT" Pages
  • Young&Trysted
  • Passing Notes

Entering the community:  I think I can speak for both Amie and myself when I say the community mainly revolving Hunger Games was welcoming with open arms. After our first few posts, we realized we needed to tell people on Twitter about them and tell them to RT(tell other people)! 

HUGE thanks to:

The HG Girl on Fire staff
Savanna New of HG Fireside Chat
Adam Spunberg of HG Fireside Chat
...and all others who have helped us on our journey! We hope you continue to read and check us out!