Thursday, September 15, 2011

'Hunger Games' is a Wrap-But We Know The Games Are Never REALLY Over.

Lions Gate sent out a press release this morning confirming what most of the news savvy fan sites knew, our beloved Hunger Games has finished filming. Fan sites reported nearly 2 weeks ago filming had officially wrapped and cast members tweeted about leaving set and missing each other and such. At this news I became a little sad I must say. I've spent months toiling over casting news, set photos, filming updates, ect. Now what do I do?!?!!? TRIBUTES! Do not stop following your favorite fan sites now! I believe Hunger Games news is about to get VERY busy, so here are 6 reasons you need to be ON YOUR GAME!

1. Santa Clause is Coming to Town-
We are a mere few months from Thanksgiving, I mean, CVS already has the plastic turkeys with puritan hats on sale:BUT what's better than roast turkey??? HOLIDAY FILM RELEASES. Thanksgiving to Christmas is HUGELY IMPORTANT  for the film industry, so it will be a key time for Lions Gate to release a full teaser trailer, new Film Posters (if I may say, hopefully one for each district with their tributes!), and MERCHANDISE! Lions Gate is fully aware of what tributes want in their stocking, Mockingjay pins! If they are smart, they will advertise the HECK out of Hunger Games, because once January hits,the industry hits a slump until Spring Break, SO expect November and December to hold LOTS of goodies from the Capitol.

 2.You Have Been Identified-
Expect the viral campaign to go full swing. It's obviously how Lions Gate plans to keep us occupied until March 2012. If you haven't already, go register and get your district! If it's anything like The Dark Knight viral campaign I participated in, they will shut down registration, kinda like Pottermore, and only a select few will get to participate at first. We could see anything from a national scavenger hunt to cast members participating on live TV!

3. Trick or Treat-
Halloween!!!! Who's going as Finnick? Who's dressing as Effie? The possibilities are endless and next year after the film's release you know everyone and their mom will be in on it. So be creative and share your pictures with fan sites, you never know what may come of it!! I mean Check Out This Mockingjay Pumpkin!!

4.Red Carpet Ready-
OK "Fan's of the Week", get your red carpet dresses ready! A few months ago Lions Gate started the "Fan of the Week" on the official Hunger Games Facebook where creative Hunger Games super fans are named, well, fan of the week. Well I have a conspiracy theory that all of Lions Gate's "Fan's of the Week" will be either 1. Invited to the premiere or 2. Invited to a private screening with cast interviews!  So people, get to work on your creative Hunger Games ideas and get them out there! You could be the NEXT "Fan of  the Week"! Oh, and fan sites, do not despair! I believe you as well will see this benefit from all your hard work and free advertising you've done for Lions Gate!!

5. Rue, Is That You?
If you haven't already downloaded the four note Mockingjay call from ITunes that was released after the VMA's and set it as your ringtone like myself, GET ON IT! Its FREE! Now I can only imagine what we will be hearing in the near future. As you know, music is a HUGE integral part of our beloved novel. Rue's lullaby, Katniss's  father silencing the birds, The Hanging Tree, not to mention its how the Mockingjay communicates (btw anyone see the significance of Katniss being the Mockingjay and her gift in vocals? LOVE IT!).

6. Snip, Cut, Stretch, Delete, FULL TEASER TRAILER!
Editors are HARD at work in post as we speak with the hundreds of hours of film on their desk compiled in the past few months of filming. Now that all the footage is complete, surly they have MORE than enough to give us what we really want come Christmas time, a full HD teaser trailer before our favorite new Holiday film release!!! Enough said.
So, keeping the last trailer in mind, what do you think will make it into the Christmas time teaser? The reaping?  Haymitch? The Cornucopia? Most importantly, now think smart and realistically, what do you think NEEDS  to be, not what you want to be, NEEDS to be in the trailer to make it an effective advertisement for Lions Gate?

And there you have it Tributes, much like Katniss after the games, remember you may think it's over.....but they aren't ever really over, are they? WE ARE STILL IN THE GAME!

Sources: HG Girl On Fire, Hunger Games Examinar, Lions Gate Publicity


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