Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Hunger Games DVD will have "intense" behind the scenes footage?

As I write this, Jackie Emerson (a.k.a Foxface) and Dayo Okeniyi (a.k.a Thresh) are doing a LIVE webcam stream and giving away lots of cool pieces of information!

Now, I've wondered about this for a long time: Will there be behind the scenes footage from The Hunger Games film? Apparently, they will.
Viewer: "Will there be behind the scenes stuff on the DVD?"
Dayo: "Yeah there will be behind the scenes."
Jackie: "There's gonna be an intense behind the scenes."
Dayo: "They documented everything."

And then, Jackie whispers something to Dayo and for a moment he gets really excited. What did she say? (You can find the above conversation here. Skip to 1:01:30)

Now of course this is unconfirmed, so regard to it as a rumor for now, but I hope it's not! Behind the scenes will be one of my favorite parts!

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