Saturday, September 10, 2011

Top Hunger Games Podcast:The HG Fireside Chat Launches Official Webiste!

It's official! Our favorite Hunger Games podcast, The HG Fireside Chat , has launched their AMAZING new website, . The HG Fireside Chat, airs on Blogtalk Radio every Monday at  7pm PT/10pm ET. Fireside Chat was started by hosts Adam Spunberg and Savanna New along with friends from the entertainment website, and has had past notable guests such as NY times best selling author Jerome Preisler and MTV Blogger Amy Wilkinson. Adam and Savanna are also behind the popular game site The Potter Games, which The VivaCity previously posted about after its reveal.

Each week panelists from varying Hunger Games fan sites, organizations, and blogs (including The VivaCity's Amie and Jake!) join the hosts to discuss the Hunger Games happenings of the week, and debate issues such as Teem Peeta or Teem Gale?. The podcast coincides with a Twitter conversation any interested tweeter can participate in using the hashtag #HGFiresideChat! The VivaCity's Amie had a chance to chat with the Fireside's host Savanna and Adam about the new site and it's future: 

I feel incredible! I can't tell you how excited we are to finally have our own website and to be able to share Fireside Chat with a larger audience. We've had such a fun time over the last 5 months and hope the site is a sign of an even more amazing future!


"It feels really wonderful, because people would always ask me where to go and we'd be scattered all over the place. Now, we can give listeners more information about each episode and highlight some of the great work the fan sites are doing."

"We owe so much of this to Sam Cushion, who did such an amazing job designing the site. He's one of the most talented, brilliant peoplWe I've ever known, and we are so grateful for his help."
"And thank you Amie for putting together this piece!"
So go now and CHECK OUT our good friends at the HG Fireside Chat's website, designed by Hunger Games fan and composer Sam Cushion, that includes awesome features like a COMPLETE episode guide, links to subscribe on ITunes for FREE and to all the other ways to listen in such as youtube and facebook! Also a list of guests and friends like us at the Vivacity Blog and contact information where you can send your ideas for the next episode of The HG Fireside Chat as well! Also be sure and follow us and Fireside Chat on Twitter !@theVCBlog & @HGFiresideChat and like their Facebook page! AND TUNE IN EVERY MONDAY 7pm PT/10pm ET

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