Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NEW PICTURES: In One Big Awkward Moment The VivaCity's Amie Recaps the MTV VMA's

Just over a week ago I had the pleasure of attending the MTV Video Music Awards live at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, CA. I've been asked a lot about my experience. So here is my recap,review, video, and picture summary on the MTV VMA's!
The minute it was announced that The Hunger Games Teaser Trailer would premiere live on the show AND introduced by Katniss herself, Jennifer Lawrence, I embarked on a frenzy for tickets. That Saturday I found myself seated next to LMFAO, JC from NSYNC, and the Jersey Shore cast. I felt VERY out of place sporting my Mockingjay pin. See, I didn't get the memo that I was supposed to come dressed as a man or with a box on my head; And there we have Awkward moment #1. The VMA's this year seemed to be handing those out like candy. Including my Hunger Games teaser reaction video, (which I shall save for the bottom of this post for it's epic awkwardness), the whole Lady Gaga and Britney Spears moment, Beyonce's weird "Rub-a-dub-dub my belly for a hot minute on live TV and announce I'm knocked up", and well, just Lady Gaga the ENTIRE show. 

Never the less I decided it best, or rather impossible, not to try and "blend in" or mask my anticipation for The Hunger Games teaser, but instead take a multitude of illegal pictures and scream "I Love You BRITNEY!" when the time came (awkward moment #2) just like I did at age 15 in the 3rd row of her Oops I Did It Again concert. I'm cool like that.

Amongst other things I witnessed, Celebs getting tipsy. Seth Rogen drinking a VERY large glass of white wine, only to be refilled by his friends glass; Chord Overstreet partaking in some champagne (GLEEKS, is he even 21?); Taylor Lautner looking not buff in all (i felt lied too!). Russell Brand trying not to get emotional before his Amy Winehouse tribute; Katy Perry hugging Adele while wearing a box on her head. Yup. A Box. or is a block of cheese? You decide.

 Forgetting her strange baby announcement, Beyonce's performance was AWESOME and divalicious as usual.
 Adele, who was visibly nervous before going on air, ROCKED the house by stunning the theatre silent with her talent singing "Someone Like You" (clck here to see my live video).
 Jared Leto, was hotter than ever standing next to the GORGEOUS Zoe Saldana.

And Paul Rudd, well, he's just a cool dude. And funny. And Hot.
And THEN the moment FINALLY came, The Hunger Games Teaser was a commercial break away, and in the awkward fashion MTV seemed to be favoring all night, they began airing the teaser mid-commercial break without ANY warning. NO dimming the auditorium lights, NO formal announcement, NO warning to return to your seats in an alloted time. Worst of all NO JENNIFER LAWRENCE as promised. All this added to my pent up anxiety over waiting so dang long for the only reason I came to this dang event, well, Lets just stay i kept my promise to my fellow tributes regarding screaming a certain word. That said, i thought the teaser was a perfect tribute to the die-hard fans such as myself, and sparked plenty of yellers such as myself. There was sort of a secret Hunger Games brotherhood in the air. So without further adieu here is awkward moment number 4,936,726 of the evening. Your welcome lol. And Goodnight.

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