Saturday, July 16, 2011

Danny Elfman's Score for "IRIS", Hollywood's FIRST Cirque show AWE's and AMAZES!

   Danny Elfman, the acadamy award nominee who has been confirmed to be scoring our beloved "The Hunger Games" along side T-Bone Burnett, is currently putting the finishing touches on his score for Cirque Du Soleil "Iris:A Journey Through The World of Cinema"
   Last Night I attended an advance performance (it opens July 21) held in the shows permanent home in the FAMOUS Kodak theater on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood,CA. Its a beautiful show with Cirque's acrobatic starlets, a classic Hollywood love story, and french clowns to boot. However, what REALLY stuck with me was, you guessed it, THE MUSIC! In fact after the show i was not the only one in the gift shop requesting a copy of the music (not yet released, bummer),  I was accompanied by a MOB with the same request.
    Danny Elfman's score for IRIS is nothing short of magical, with qualities reminiscent of his work for "Big Fish" and "Edward Scissorhands" (two of my favorite of his), and new tribal pieces that take Elfman's music to a new area he has rarely gone. 
All in all this gets me  VERY excited to hear what Danny Elfman will be bringing to "The Hunger Games", particularly for scenes like the opening of the Games and the cave scenes. I always say the music in a film can make or break it, and HG fans, we got pretty dang lucky:) See a preview of "IRIS" the show below, and if your in the area, get tickets, its a must see!

This post was written by Amie "EverLark" @jeamiemarie

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